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Relax, We Got you!


About Our Company

Hi Everyone, 

I am Mabel Olufelo, and I'm so excited you're on my website looking for help for your event. I can’t imagine how overwhelming everything can be as you're searching through websites upon websites looking for property to host your event. It is very difficult to find vendors that will be true to your cultural background and can deliver an authentic experience. 

The Goal

The goal of my company is to help event owners of all backgrounds create an authentic experience. I aim to make your events fun and memorable experience for you and your loved ones


I have over eighteen years of experience in event planning. Managing everything from themed parties and luncheons in the non-profit sector to large corporate conferences and weddings.

Layout design

You see, the idea behind an event is centered on creativity and that is where we come in strong! We are thinkers! We think outside the proverbial "box" and make sure we wow you through creative ways to think of your events.

100+ points taken care of

Worried about your events security? Relax! Our trusted vendors have you covered. Simply let us know and we will provide you with contact information to arrange for your security needs.

Ultimate design choices

Because we think through each and every aspect of the planning process, we are able to tighten all loose ends thereby maximizing your investments while enjoying a high return on your investments.

Outstanding customer support

For our business customers, relax and know that our event planning services come with a guarantee.